Lightweight battery for daily driver

A new method can greatly extend the life of inexpensive, compact, lightweight metalair batteries. If they are relocating their battery to the trunk, have they considered the additional weight of running battery cables to the trunk. Lithium batteries have been used for several years in nascar. Go lithium introduces new 16 volt lithium battery for race. Weighing in at only 6 pounds, the braille lightweight racing battery is much lighter than a stock battery. Keep in mind that the oem battery for our early mustangs was only around 250cca, so these lightweight batteries have similar performance to the originals, but save 2030lbs. Has anyone actually installed a lightweight battery that works well for a daily driver. So will these really stand up to a daily driver or weekend warrior car that gets started every 7 days in the summer only. Lightweight lithium ion batteries for road classics ferrarichat. I take no responsibility for any possible fire, electrical malfunction, or injury caused by a battery that is not mounted according to chrysler specifications. Lightweight performance racing car batteries tomioka racing. From a high performance battery to a racingstyle lightweight battery, autoanything meets all of your racing, audio and dailydriving power needs right here.

A lightweight car battery isnt necessarily a common purchase for most drivers. A team of researchers at the massachusetts institute of technology mit is working on lithiumair batteries that could help in generating more powerful, lightweight batteries than available currently. Aftermarket car batteries for your honda battery science. Braille lightweight racing batteries are used by many racecar drivers at.

Thinking to save some weight through swapping my heavy standard battery to a lightweight race style one, looking for suggestions and advice. Tonight on project gr8 daily we install some lightweight underdrive pulleys on quinns daily driver mazda rx8. Still on a nasa tte regional championship winning car, that is still daily driven to work, and everywhere else. Is this a racespecific vehicle or a daily driver that is used occasionally for racing. Experience with antigravity lightweight battery s197. My son is electrician and he really destroyed my first interest only on just having a li io starter kit in my daily driver. To complement the smaller battery it incls adapters for us or jdm battery cables. For the expense and weight of the cable to relocate the battery to the trunk, i think the pc680 or braille, etc. If shedding weight from the front of the car is your goal, the best method is to toss the battery in the back. Dec 09, 2015 choosing a lightweight battery for our svt focus.

Nevertheless, a lightweight car battery using advanced lithiumion technology is still quite pricey, so you might want to consider other alternatives as well. Jul 18, 2006 hi mj,, i bought the battery from that site and i mounted it same as the hawker odyssey. Exnavy officer turned inventor signs a multimillion deal to produce his electric car battery that will take drivers 1,500 miles without needing to. Or view hourly updated newsfeeds in your rss reader.

It takes 20volt lithium ion batteries and weighs 3. Can you daily drive your 20152019 mustang with a racing. Until recently the best you could do was a varley red top or an oddysey. A friend of mine always had to have his brz jumped in the offseason because he left the battery in the car and it didnt put out enough ccas. Poor mans lightweight battery pelican parts forums. The new antigravity rs30 lithium car battery is a 30ah intelligent starter battery with our exclusive restart technology and complete battery management system builtin. I also want to relocate the battery, and these lightweight batteries seem to help not only relocate the weight, but significantly lose it as well. Anyway, i was looking at ssb lithium, mainly because they state ssb powersport lithium batteries. Ive had some experiences with lightweight racing batteries autocrossing miatas and brzs, and theyve mostly been positive. Mit working on more powerful, lightweight batteries. It is the same as a braille b3121, just with a different sticker deka produces braille. The advancements in battery technology have made more appropriate batteries for racing purposes much more affordable than they were a couple of years ago. Led electric cordless screwdriver household battery.

Are the lightweight batteries much lower capacity and less functional. This screwdriver is lightweight, but it packs a powerful punch due to its 7. I sometimes do not start my car for about a week and with the optima it fires right up. Man invents electric car battery that lasts 1500 miles. Choosing a lightweight battery for our svt focus ford svt. Comparison test a noholdsbarred test reveals the balance of power between the nine best stick drivers on the tool market. Lightweight 12v racing battery done dirt cheap micra.

This miata is driven to and from work on a daily basis, and the car is driven to and from the track. Changing your stock battery to a lightweight version battery should be done at your own risk. The performance of these batteries, however, often exceeds that of regular leadacid units. Its not my daily driver but has to start when expected and function as normal as a daily driver when it does air con, headlights, heated seats etc is this a reasonable expectation. Performance batteries lightweight, high cca, heavy duty free. Is this the only battery they plan on using in this car. The go lithium battery has undergone 3 years of research, development, and testing.

Ft86 speedfactory lightweight battery kit install youtube. Are there any good lightweight batteries out there that will work for a daily driver. Just not stuck in a lengthy traffic jam at night during a cold rainstorm type stuff. Expert tip to be prepared for a dead battery, have a set of jumper cables in your car at all times. In 1963 carroll shelbys cobra roadsters were dominant winning the sports car club of americas new, professional, racing series that would eventually become known as the can am. Ive done a pc680 odyssey in a daily driver 2003 maxima went a little crazy modding that family sedan and ran into some issues, especially since it had an underdrive pulley. This time, the chuck will not seem to stay and tighten when you try to attach a drill bit or driver to it. Im debating on a battery relocation or doing a lightweight battery. From a performance highcapacity battery to a racingstyle lightweight battery, carid meets all of your competition and dailydriving energy needs.

The optima red top 35r battery is awesomea light weight battery imo is just not the right idea for a daily driven vehicle in the harsh weather conditions you experience in colorado. The screwdriver was a small, 3v affair that was ok, and was useful for a few years. It has lithiumion powered batteries that have a life three times longer than the standard battery life for a cordless screwdriver. The driver drill aspect of the switchdriver cordless drill means you can not only switch between bits you can switch between drilling screws and hammer drilling into solid concrete. One of these five drills is the best lightweight drill for a woman. And although its taller than most, its lightweight and comfy. Motorcycles atvutv trucking consumer auto marine power supplies. If so i would save the weight for those track days but then it crosses my mind if it was okay then every battery would be half the weight right.

Drill driver compact power tool lightweight lithium ion. Lightweight batteries, what are people using and why. At 17 lbs and slightly wider than trb1500, trb1700 is perfect for daily driving vehicles. One test that all automotive batteries are subjected to is the cca cold cranking amps test. Battery has performed flawlessly as a full time daily driver battery.

Our kit replaces the stock oem battery and tray which weights 30lbs with an 11 pound unit. Racing batteries a new lightweight racing battery intended for race events can save a driver precious pounds in their competition vehicle. Lightweight batteries factory sized batteries are extremely heavy and some of you know the pain when changing them out. The hipower lightweight rs30 is a fantastic replacement for leadacid batteries used in hiperformance and race vehicles and also works great with daily drivers. You want something that cranks hard, lasts long and recharges fast. Weighing in at only 15 pounds, the braille lightweight racing battery is much lighter than a stock battery. Apr 01, 2008 notice though that the sitting time is still rather reasonable for a daily driver. Photo 711 a few batteries offer sidemount terminals. It improves the performance of many vehicles and is suitable for daily or race use in small displacement motors. We subjected our daily driver 2003 ford svt focus to yet another. This is just my daily driver so it gets parked outside at work and in. The durable and lightweight aluminum frame provides dependable performance, along with 8 inch flatfree reardrive wheels and 5 inch front caster wheels for a smooth ride, every time. Lightweight, heavy impact 3 table of contents introduction and key messages 4 lightweight materials across industries 6 carbon fiber vs. I ran a braille 9lb battery for 2 months in the fall daily driving with no issues.

Not only is the braille noweight battery the only lightweight battery designed specifically for automotive use, but its also backed by brailles 1. Feb 18, 2019 tonight on project gr8 daily we install some lightweight underdrive pulleys on quinns daily driver mazda rx8. Lightweight racing battery standard case wmount 15 lbs. Odyssey lightweight battery w terminals pc680t free. This results in improved handling, especially when installed in conjunction with other proprietary lightweight parts engineered by braille.

Choosing the best impact driver the family handyman. The quarter inch hex chuck is designed for quick bit changes. Braille lightweight racing battery standard case wmount. For those interested in a light weight braille deka battery iw sti. Jul 19, 2016 hi everyone, mk6 gti stock battery is a 60ah 12v lead acid battery. Braille lightweight racing battery standard case wmount 15 lbs. The ft86 speedfactory scion frs and subaru brz lightweight battery kit will shed 19lbs of unwanted weight from your car. Poor mans lightweight battery the sealed lead acid batteries are lighter than stock, and can be mounted in any position without risking leakage and rust, but only have a finite lifespan.

This battery works as a daily driver, but below freezing its at about its max ability to barely turn your car over. According to him many research groups are trying to improve on lithiumair batteries. My car isnt quite a daily driver, but i do drive it every week. Super lightweight aluminum frame only weighs 52 pounds without a battery strong and durable for repetitive, daily utilization. Which lightweight battery is suggested for our cars. Lithium starting battery for cars, motorcycles, scooters, airplanes, watercraft, marine use, powersports. You have a choice of two gear speeds of 200 and 650 rpms, depending on whether you will be working with. I just had to tweek the battery cover i used for the hawker odyssey,this battery is just a tad larger but is a world of difference in poweri even downloaded a tune in the car without having to use the battery charger.

Braille deka lightweight batteries viper club of america. In fact, daily drivers can expect lightweight batteries to last anywhere from three to five years, even longer. These batteries are a dropin replacement for your leadacid battery, install and treat your voltphreaks battery like a standard car battery. Lightweight batteries are an excellent choice for modifying your cars battery in order to get a boost in performance. But the battery deteriorated, and within the last 12 months or so the battery wouldnt hold a charge at all.

The main benefit is that you can switch out a lightweight battery and save weight without resorting to extreme measures such as cutting things off the read more chassis or otherwise gutting creature comforts in the interior. Leadacid is a pretty old, wellproven technology but id guess a decent lithium ion battery could provide the same. Extending the life of lowcost, compact, lightweight batteries. Apr 21, 20 our scion frs and subaru brz lightweight battery kit will shed 19lbs of unwanted weight from your car. It is not recommended for extreme audio builds or ultra high compression. Product title cordless drill driver kit, 20v max impact hammer dri. Note, these batteries are meant to be used as a set to replace 2 batteriessupply 24v power ect. I run an odyssey pc680 and i havent had any problems with it. Braille lightweight racing battery standard case wmount 6 lbs.

It improves the performance of many vehicles and is suitable for daily or race use in. Not a dedicated track car but, also, not a daily driver. Deka is a very underrated battery as far as the value people put on it. Its a compact and lightweight design measuring less than 11 inches in length and weighing a pound. This battery is perfectly fine to use as an every day daily driver, lightweight battery from my experience.

While there are other lithium batteries on the market, the pricing has been too high for the average racer. Included in that list are lightweight often lithiumion racing batteries. The antigravity lithiumferrous batteries are available in either a small case design for light weight in a small package or oem case designs for direct replacement without modification. In fact, daily drivers can expect lightweight batteries to last anywhere from three to five years, even longer when properly maintained. The buddy club battery is a compact, lightweight unit that is ideal for race cars and circuit enthusiasts. High performance car batteries lightweight, racing. While overall vehicle weight affects fuel economy, performance and handling, your car battery is nowhere near heavy enough to make a significant difference in this regard. On the 20062015 mx5, there is a very narrow middle section between the battery box and the air filter box to remove heat. I dont do a lot of short journeys, most of my driving is commuting 30 miles or so, or fun flatout broad blasts. Yang shaohorn is an mit associate professor of mechanical engineering. Tr battery utilizes absorbed glass mat agm technology which increases specific power and ride. The battery is one month old and is warrantied for one year. Weighing 16lbs, the buddy club battery provides a 35% or higher weight saving over stock.

Ive been using the stock battery holddown with some extra washers as shims, and mounting it upright. Lithium batteries require management during charging and discharging and have different requirements compared to a leadacid battery, but this is all handled behind the scenes by circuitry inside the battery. I dont daily drive my car, so it goes on a battery tender when its parked. I want light weight, but i also want good reliability and reasonable lifetime. These batteries are usually much smaller than standard car batteries, and they also use different technology. It is able to start larger engines easily for racing and offers daily driving capability. When you absolutely need your vehicle to start, you need a performance battery under the hood. For those interested in a light weight braille deka battery. This battery works as a daily driver, but below freezing its at about its max ability to barely turn your car. Improving the performance of many race vehicles and providing custom car and vintage vehicle owners a car battery with acidfree technology, the racing batteries from braille. Looking to replace my battery in order to reduce weight as much as possible, whilst still giving me enough power for a daily driver.

Racing batteries typically reduce the weight down to 10 lbs. I am thinking to upgrade to a lightweight racing battery, which has 16ah only. Lightweight battery for weight reduction the m3cutters. At under 15 pounds, the b2015 is out most popular noncarbon racing battery. The extreme light weight of the csx cordless drill is a major plus that helps stave off. Id like to take some weight out of my st so i can add some other mods. Battery technology is evolving, and nowadays the price of good quality lithiumion batteries is lower than in the past. Youll need another car with a fully charged battery to jump. The tdr super cool battery kit replaces battery and relocates washer bottle to reduce engine under hood temperatures. They can usually store more energy than traditional car batteries and are fairly lightweight. Using the car for circuit and hillclimbs and driving to and from events up to 200km away. It improves the performance of many vehicles and is suitable for race use in extreme lightweight vehicles and in full racecars. Lightweight batteries are an excellent choice for modifying your car s battery in order to get a boost in performance. Man invents electric car battery that lasts 1,500 miles.

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